Hard-coding in WordPress sites….why?

frustrated_computerRecently I have worked on sites that were developed in WordPress, only to find that a former developer has hard-coded various elements into the theme!!  Why would anyone do that??

WordPress is one of the most user friendly, adaptable and extendible Content Management Systems there is.  There is virtually a plugin for anything you want to do in a site.  So why would anyone take on a job of building a site in WordPress, then completely disregard the whole premise of the site being easy for the client to manage ongoing.

It’s so frustrating having to root through a themes files looking for code that should have been built into a child theme and therefore be easily accessed when the client asks for some minor changes.  What starts off as a simple editing job turns into “hunt the code”.

OK – rant over – I feel better now!

Originally posted 2014-04-21 15:56:28.