5 Good Reasons to use WordPress for your Website

I’ll tell you the same thing I tell every one of my new web marketing clients, “WordPress is incredible – and you should be using it for your website.” It can save you both time and money, while making it far easier to build a beautiful and limitless website that you can manage and control […]

What is a Blog?

What is a blog? Not only that, but what are blogs used for? If you don´t know the answer to that, where have you been for the last three or four years? The word blog is short for web log, and is strictly a record of the changing content of your website. People who were […]

Using WordPress To Grow A Successful Small Business Online

WordPress … are you familiar with it? Maybe you have heard of WordPress, maybe you haven’t. You may be forgiven for thinking that WordPress isn’t really something that you need to waste your time getting to know – perhaps, because you’re a non-technical small business owner and you’ve heard that WordPress is essentially a “technical” […]